Dental Practice in Salisbury


Here at Catherine Street Dental Practice, we understand that it's important to provide a wide and high quality range of dental treatments. Our experienced family dentists are on hand to help in any way that they can, whether it's an emergency treatment or a standard check up. To find out more about our dental practice in Salisbury, simply call or visit us today and we'll be happy to help.

Our range of expert treatments includes:

Teeth Whitening

A bright smile can be a real boost to your confidence. We offer a popular teeth whitening service that has become increasingly favoured throughout the past couple of years.

It's simple, quick and painless. We just take a set of moulds from your teeth and use them to make special whitening trays that are incredibly similar to thin gum-shields. These come together with an initial supply of teeth whitening gel, which you use once a day in the trays, placing them over your teeth. Once applied, they have to be left in place for one hour and then removed and thoroughly cleaned.

The improvements in your smile can usually be seen after a month and are permanent, although the rate at which your teeth can whiten is dependent on a number of differing factors that will be discussed with you at the time.

White Fillings

Due to advances in dental care treatments, the traditional dental amalgam fillings have been replaced with a much more aesthetically pleasing white filling treatment. These white fillings are much more natural looking than the traditional dark metal fillings and are ideal for keeping your teeth looking whiter and hiding a filling. In most cases we can provide these white fillings, making them ideal for front facing teeth near the front of the mouth. To enquire about these fillings, give our specialists Michael or Nick a call and they will be happy to provide assistance.


We provide regular dental checks with our experienced hygienists, meaning you can regularly keep your teeth looking great, as well as learning the best ways to prevent decay and gum disease. Good gum health has a positive benefit on general health including heart disease and pregnancy, meaning prevention is definitely better than a cure when the damage has already been done.

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Tooth crowns are usually used to restore decayed or fractured teeth, cover up discoloured teeth or realign crooked teeth. We can provide crowns to suit various situations: that include:

Porcelain Bonded to Metal:

Crowns feature a metal core for strength and feature a porcelain covering to improve their aesthetics. These are suitable for most situations and ideal for teeth at the back of the mouth and come in a variety of metals to allow greater strength and better appearance depending on your budget.

All Porcelain:


We have an extensive range of dentures to suit all needs whether you are in need of simple plastic provisional , to metal framework based dentures. Our technical laboratory work is conducted by Southern Smiles, an experienced and highly reliable firm. Due to their expertise and extensive knowledge within the industry, we regularly recommend our patients to Southern Smiles for denture work, giving you the best treatment available.


Due the highly specialised nature of orthodontic treatment, we are not able to provide treatments are our practice. We have close relationships with a number of excellent orthodontic specialists who can carry out treatments. We do however offer orthodontic screening during children's check-ups and can refer them for specialist assessments at the appropriate time that is often around the age of 11.

Emergency Dental Care

Our practice is open from, Monday to Friday, and we always endeavour to carry out emergency treatments the very same day you call.

Out of hours (including weekend) appointments are available as we always have one of our team available. To contact us out of hours, simply call our normal practice telephone number 01722 412621, and listen to the message detailing the appropriate contact number for that day.

To enquire about our cosmetic dental treatments, or to book an appointment, call us today, or send us an email via our contact form and we will be happy to help in any way that we can. When you're looking for an emergency dental practice in Salisbury, look no further than ours for your dental care.